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Squash match in Vienna


Squash match in Vienna

Some would describe squash as the little brother of “tennis”, others as a race between heart attack and ligament rupture. Jokes aside! In squash the technique is much easier compared to tennis. This is exactly the big advantage. You go into the hall and start sprinting, sweating and having loads of fun right from the start. And if you choose the right footwear and do not completely exaggerate, the risk of injury is absolutely limited. Better yet: According to various studies , racquet sports (tennis, badminton and squash) are the optimal activities to significantly  reduce the risk of death, far surpassing  cycling and swimming.

Squash (c) Photo credits: Udaykumar PR

You can rent a racquet and balls in most halls for a small fee. If it’s really your sport, quickly pay off your own cheap racket. For the first try, it helps to briefly read the main rules (or watch a short video like this Beginners Guide to Squash ). Here are the best squash courts for Vienna:

15 courts, reservation under 43 1 798 84 00 30min EUR 8-12, depending on the time of day

5 courts, reservation under 43 1 786 26 00 30min EUR 8-12, depending on the time of day

4 courts, reservation under 43 1 370 21 72 30min EUR 6-12

3 courts, reservation under 43 1 486 23 23 - 0 30min EUR 8

5 courts, booking via Eversports 30min EUR 7-10, per daytime

What are you waiting for! Get ready for a fun match.

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