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Data-based strategies, future-proof digital projects and results-oriented implementation.

The digitization agency with a focus on data-based marketing, automation and e-commerce.

International lead

transform into the European economy

Data-based strategies

from our financial mathematical research KI AMIDALA®

Technological lead

The valleys lead through international partnerships

Studio quality

Blockbuster quality at Hollywood level from Los Angeles, Vienna and Munich

US companies are 1-2 years ahead.

We bring the lead directly to the heart of Europe. Together with our international partners, powerful technology and 10 years of experience. So that you too are ahead of the competition.


As an agency, we combine the resources of a full-service agency with the strategic expertise from the epicentres of digitization with the honest support of an established family business for our customers.

Challenging times

We observe companies with great products that are overwhelmed in these challenging times. At the same time, however, we also see other companies that see these circumstances as an opportunity create new business opportunities. We have also gone through very difficult times and understand that many things can seem overwhelming and unjust. But we are very happy to help our customers find their new opportunities and grow from them.

our range

While many complain about unfair laws, overpowering corporations and unfaithful customers, others are adapting these new conditions, looking for opportunities and taking advantage of new opportunities to seize profits from sleeping competitors.

With all our commitment, we help every company that is ready to take on the opportunities for themselves to find, plan and optimally use these opportunities. From tested options to planning and implementing new business models.

Global competition?
Make it your best friend

Technology is too complex?
Use it to simplify.

Customers are volatile?
Great! Get them!

Fast Track: eCommerce

Digitize traditional businesses and discover new growth opportunities. In addition to their own online shop, established marketplaces, digital products or digital B2B customer acquisition also offer great opportunities to benefit from the current zeitgeist. We find the solution for our customers that suits their own company, support them with funding and implement the digitization steps.

Your full potential

Regardless of whether it is a corporation or a small SME. There is almost always

suitable, digital business models. From the classic online shop and marketplaces to lead generation and eLearning, … Keyword research and best case studies can be used to say in advance which investment promises the best return for your business.

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The implementation

Technical implementation ready to start within a few days.

Codeword: Agile! In particular, if there are good photos and first texts, the effort is limited. It is essential to implement an inviting UX design (user experience), which usually does not have to be reinvented with experienced agencies.

Marketing & Profits

Return-optimized marketing depends on the existing channels and the profit margin.

Since this is already planned in the first step, you have a scalable digital business area that is self-financing after just a few weeks.


Labels, shipping, invoicing, optimizing accounting, answering customer inquiries …

By minimizing your workload, there is time to focus on growth and further business.

Marketing ABC

We play a big marketing ABC for our customers. Which channels and combined strategies will bring you to success the fastest? Based on financial mathematical calculations from marketing controlling, we find the optimal strategy and convey it to experts who implement it for our customers at the best price-performance ratio.


Pricing Branding Return of Investment Awareness Sales Promotion


SEO Pricing Social Sales SEO SEA Social Media Ads Funnels Branded Content Advertorials Content Marketing Google Ads Banner Ads Video Newsletter


Print magazine post photo shootings video shoot billboard television flyer fair

Digital overall concepts

Our clear strength: We use our experience to think through projects from start to finish. Only the synergy of marketing strategy and great technology creates the sales and profits in order to develop further in the long term.

Technical challenges

When things get tricky and we develop new solutions for our customers, our hearts start to beat a little faster. We love small challenges almost as much as great solutions.

What we like to work on

Quality products

The internet is already full of price wars and low-cost suppliers.
We prefer to work for sustainable brands that sell excellent products with above-average returns.

Innovative projects

New business models and the transformation of existing solutions into new products and services.

This is the only way to stay ahead of the curve in the fast, digital change that makes the big difference.

“Serve with Excellence”

We work 100% for our customers and then put that “extra” on top. To listen carefully. Honest advice. Breathtaking implementation. If you win, we’ll win the next order. That’s why we haven’t lost a customer yet, but are growing together.

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Own projects

We share that experience & passion with every customer.

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Global partner network

We work with leading specialists and premium agencies

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Data based

Experience is good. Approved strategies and data-based implementation is better.

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In our free time we test every new technology, every new channel and every business model. For fun!

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High profile senior developers

The secret ingredient for great implementation.

Contact persons

1.1 Stefan

Stefan Wimmer

Initial consultation, overall concept

1.2 Sebastian

Sebastian Wimmer

Technical advice, automation


Write us a short email with your project or plan:

You can also reach us Mon-Fri from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at:

Contact persons

1.1 Stefan

Stefan Wimmer

Initial consultation, overall concept

1.2 Sebastian

Sebastian Wimmer

Technical advice, automation


Write us a short email with your project or plan:

You can also reach us Mon-Fri from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at: