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Community Guidelines

# We are one!

Short version

Our objective is for ianu to provide an authentic and safe platform for common recreational activities, helping to promote the community. ianu requests that its’ users respect all individuals participating on this platform, to avoid sending spam to other users and to circumvent the publishing of offensive or discriminatory content, hereby holding true to the applicable laws.

There is no tolerance for objectionable content or abusive users.


Full version

ianu provides a community of different cultures, ages and faiths.

We have developed the Community Guidelines, so that users can help us to promote and protect the community. By using ianu users agree to these rules and our terms of use ( These guidelines are of utmost priority for us and we hope that the same applies for its’ users. Users who exceed these limits, may be requested to delete content, subject to fines and/or other restrictions.

  • Encouraging meaningful and real interactions.

We request that users help us in promoting a spam free environment by avoiding the accumulation and creation of unnecessary friendships, avoiding the repetition of existing or similar groups or content, and avoiding contacting or harassing other users with commercial intents and purposes.

ianu aims to provide a platform for real people and their interpersonal relationships. ianu should not be used as a means to establish and enforce commercial activities (advertising, marketing, purchasing, selling goods and services). All activities including purchase, sale and marketing of any kind shall be prohibited unless written approval is obtained from us.

  • Note the laws.

ianu is not a platform to promote, distribute or glorify terrorism, organized crime or hatred against groups.
We will under no circumstances tolerate sharing sexual content, nor an invitation to sexual acts of any kind.
We urge users to constantly be aware and obey the laws and regulations.

  • Respect other members.

We aim to create a positive and diverse community for all users. We maintain a zero tolerance stance and will remove any content which contain credible threats or hate speech, content aiming to humiliate or shame other users or persons in general as well as personal data with which people are extorted or harassed including repeated, unwanted messages.
Views to violence or attacks against certain persons as a consequence of race, ethnic origin, nationality, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation or disability or illness are by no means acceptable.
Serious threats to the public or personal safety are not permitted. This also applies to specific threats of physical damage, theft, vandalism or other financial losses. Messages containing threats will be carefully examined to confirm their veracity.


Contributing to a strong community at: 

  • We all form part of the community and therefore request that if any user notices activities which may in their opinion violates our policies, we kindly urge users to help us by reporting these groups and members. Our team will review these messages as a matter of priority and remove all content, which violates our policies. 
  • In the event that users stumble across content which they do not like but which does not violate our Community Guidelines, we encourage users to block such persons at their own discretion.
  • We will be in full cooperation with law enforcement agencies where necessary and this applies to situations where we suspect that the threat of physical violence or the threat to public safety exists.


For more information, please see our terms of use (

Thank you for your contribution in ensuring that ianu remains socially secure.


The ianu team