Free City Tour


Free City Tour

City tours are for tourists? Yes! But are they also fun for locals? Definitely! You learn a lot: what you already know what happened back then. But most of all, you also learn to know yourself better! Or. which clichés, myths and jokes exist about you as a resident / inhabitant.
Already keen on walking on overcrowded streets? Us too!
Free City Tours not only promise fun, they are actually free. The guides go out of their way to earn a decent tip at the end. If you were satisfied, 5-15 Euro tip are common, but not mandatory.

Get to know your city better. Join a good friend, look for the right tour and go into our beautiful city center. Fun guaranteed!

With which of your friends even Touri things can make fun? Write them now:

What do you think about getting to know your city even better?

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