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Throw a little party


Throw a little party

How often do you see your besties? Even if you have already seen each other today, the answer is still “too rare”! Without the whole house party Project X-drama. We have spared no efforts and listened to you, old and new party-animals, student party throwers and professional event organisers. “How do you throw a good party?” We have good news: in fact, it is without a big effort. 6 friends, a matching playlist and a few vials of fun. The only thing you need is an invitation with the necessary urgency. How it works? 1 Take an “occasion” as a reason! An exam, an event that “you must not miss” or just Albert Einstein’s birthday! Whatever you find, no matter how stupid: They give your guests a reason and an excuse why not to postpone. And it makes today a good day to pop the corks. The more stupid the reason, the better the party – so invent a topic.

2 minimize effort! A good party has never been about amazing lighting or fancy cocktails, but rather always about the awesome people! You can add all the frills if you’d like, but in principle, a playlist and wine is enough. The perfect group size is about 6 friends. Big enough for momentum, but too small to split up. Of course, it can be a lot more or less. Much more important is: 3 Who is invited? In short, your besties, maybe a wild card and one / two new, funny work or college colleagues. You want it bigger? Ask your friends to bring some of their friends along. Shopping? That depends on your friends! But whether BYOB or shared costs, a small beer and white wine supply doesn’t hurt. No fuss: simply look for offers / discounter. Then it does not cost so much more. And it’s an investment in long-term friendships and your next day!

Invite your besties! Say thank you later.

Which of your good friends have you not you seen in too long a time? Do you have new, funny colleagues? Send your invitation:

What do you think about organizing parties together?

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