Create moments: achieve real happiness

Leisure time means fun and relaxation. Leisure time is on the one hand fun but on the other hand it is also a catalyst for health, fitness and success.  And if you are doing it right you will also end up boosting your relationships, your confidence as well as your status to unimaginable hights.

Here are the best reasons to organise a group for you and your friends today:

Deeper relationships
Skills for life
100% Energy
Live out your passion
Love and relationships
How to go about it?
Why ianu?

Deeper friendships

1 Exciting Experiences

We love great memories! What was your absolute favourite experience? Is your first thought about the expensive holiday? That is certainly one of them. Think about it again though: The best experiences are the ones that are not that far away. An unusual birthday party? Your first kiss? An exciting competition? The laughing attack with your best friend? Or was it just an unexpected compliment? From a total stranger?
This is why these experiences are so important. Take note:
“The best experiences are waiting at your door step. everyday anew.”

2 Real friendships // deep and strong

Your best friends like you because you are honest, funny and probably because you are so similar.
What brings you closer are your experiences together. Like a net. Every experience together and every deep conversation weaves you closer together. The more experiences together, the more strings, the stronger the connection. the more exciting and memorable and the more unusual, the tighter the strings get woven together.
This is why real friendships are so important. Take note:
-> Stronger friendships mean plentiful and more intense experiences.

3 Superficiality: It’s a trap!

Those spending loads of time on Instagram and Co would like top believe that superficial self representation is the new path to happiness. It’s called volume distortion: We see the few who strive to be the loudest at seek the most attention. You don’t see the amused audience.
Just like a virtual ‘Big Talent Show’, where awkward entrants voluntarily participate for a bit of fame and blunder. Posing with the newest iPhone, the biggest biceps, the most daring cut and the most awkward yoga pose only grabs peoples attention for a short while. Don’t expect to be invited to their birthday or BBQ. Why not?
-> Self representation and superficiality is a deterrent for real friendships.

4 Real friendship vs. fans

Have you ever played volleyball alone? Not much fun. You can play the ball to the fans but that wouldn’t start a match.
Your friends should be standing with you on the court. On your side. Sometimes on the other side of the net, to  pass you the hardest service, straight in your face! You can only play with others! It doesn’t matter which side: It’s all about “practice makes perfect”. It’s about having fun. Together we laugh louder. Together we run further.
Give your friends the time and attention they deserve. It doesn’t matter how good you are at multitasking: Set your smartphone aside. Take a break to build real friendships. Doctors, lawyers and CEO’s can manage it: Take the time for friendships, experiences and intense conversations otherwise you might find yourself alone in the game.
-> With superficiality comes superficial friends. And you’ll become outdated like that new pair of sneakers.

5 The more, the…

What do you think is better? One good friend or 100 good acquaintances? It doesn’t matter what you decide: how about 10 good friends and 500 acquaintances? 😉
Some friends are for the long haul, some accompany you for a life phase or two.We would love to tell you that we could change this but we all have to grow.
Learn to care for your existing friendships. And learn to make new friends.
-> Invite your crazy, positive friends over and ask them to bring some of their friends along. The more people you meet the more inspirational people you are bound to find.

Skills for life

6 Be a boss

It doesn’t matter is your work as a secretary or a doctor. It doesn’t matter if you want to or if you are (still) scared: When you create a group, you have the final say.
Everyone can make recommendations but you get to decide. Regardless as to whether you just flip a coin. 😉 If someone doesn’t fit in then they won’t be invited. If you don’t have the time then you can simply cancel.
You make the best out of the group. You motivate you arrange: And at the end of the day you will find yourself having 1000 awesome experiences and friends and a self confidence like Elvis Presley himself.
Your leisure time group is the perfect training to improve your skills in every aspect of your life! Take responsibility, make decisions. If you make a mistake, you will know for next time. Everyone will still be grateful. Be a boss! Take this with you into the work place and ask your boss for an increase! Take this with you into your relationship and see how it grows. Take this with you into your dating life and take note:
-> Every decision you make is a green super smoothy for your confidence.

7 Be a motivator

You probably know this as well: You know what is good for you. But sometimes it’s just down right hard to get your butt in motion. Then Netflix becomes more important than an exam and the couch becomes more comfortable than a day at the lake with friends.
But: Have you ever regretted having studied for an exam? Have you ever regret having an awesome day out with friends? I didn’t think so!
You’re allowed to convince your friends, you’re allowed to motivated and definitely to annoy them! You’d probably wish you had this too sometimes!
Learn to motivate others. Learn to make the most of your situation. This is real influence! Take this skill with into: your job, your career, negotiations, your relationships and the world will be your oyster!
-> Motivate your friends, they will be eternally grateful.

8 The Social Skill

Meeting people, small talk, holding stimulating conversations, humour, sincerity… Building friendships!
You can only get better if you do it! And the more often you do it the better you’ll get. Like learning to swim…
The world goes online – we post, like and comment But don’t go making the mistake of pretending to have a social life. If you can’t hold a good conversation it will be hard to build good friendships. Calling a friend brings you more than writing a WhatsApp message. Meeting friends and getting to know someone new helps you improve and makes you happier!
-> The more people you meet, The more conversations you’ll have, the better your relationships become.

100% Fitness

9 Fit and Healthy

What is healthier: a) a walk in the fresh air, b) a small workout, or c) being silly and laughing sincerely?
You probably guessed it, it doesn’t really matter: With an active leisure time you will get an All-In-One package, With an extra portion of endorphins.
An exciting leisure time is the key to health and fitness. Indirectly you are training your body spirit and soul!

Laugh yourself fit: Laughing together is a drug combination, which you wont be able to find in any pharmacy. You can literally see it: The lungs are pumping 3 to 4 times more oxygen, the pulse and circulation increases. At the same time the stress hormones are decreasing while you body provides you with an extra supply of endorphins ➔ and your immune system goes into power mode.

Social relationships: Love, Friends and networking doesn’t only make you happy but also healthier and fit for a longer life (interesting  Ted Talk on this topic). People feel good when they invest in their family, friends and the community. And the other way around: “Isolation is a bad for you as 15 cigarettes a day.”

Enthusiasm: Next to social relationships, hobbies and and living out your passion have a strong influence.

Fitness: Get your circulation in order. It doesn’t always have to be the gym. Even walking to the bar is better than an evening on the couch.

More Energy: Have you ever asked yourself why do other people have so much energy while all you want to do is kick your feet up on the sofa every evening?
It work exactly the opposite as well: The more energy you give out today, the more energy you will have for tomorrow. The more often you do it, the easier it becomes. Saving up your energy for a bad day means you might not have that much to show. Or like grandfather says: “He who rests, rusts”

-> Be active. Then you’ll have energy daily for the things that are not so much fun. #Job #Uni

Live out your passion

10 Make your hobby your career

Today it has become so easy to use your hobby to earn some extra cash. With enough time and passion you can turn it into a business. How does that sound? Make your hobby a career?
Keep calm! You don’t have to go and draft a business plan. You don’t even have to decide which hobby it should be. This is our goal with ianu. We have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to discover your hobbies and what you are passionate about in life and with which you could generate your first income.
Take your time. Try different groups, sports or even a home party. Start with your friends, get feedback, split the first costs and take a look and see.
->  Here you will find examples as to what others have tried

11 A new passion

We know from our own experience that most of the groups developed into much more. As Organisor you will quickly learn what is interesting for you. And if you feel more often than not motivated to play volleyball then you probably have enough connections, for example, to learn and offer yoga.
Starte a group and the ideas will come on their own. Learn the things which really make you happy.
->  Get started. And figure out your new passion while you sleep.

12 Real connections

It doesn’t have to be on the golf course: While going out, at a volleyball match or by tennis training – The most interesting jobs are never listed but are rather discovered through personal recommendations and contacts. This can happen anywhere, except at home. Get open got starting a real conversation and maybe meet your future business partner with whom you could open up a surf and turf bar in the Seychelles.
-> Get active, bring people actively together. It’s definitely worth it.

13 Real recognition

Real recognition is an unbelievable feeling. You get a taste of it when someone gives you an honest compliment. A sincere thank you. The reason why so many people are searching for recognition.
You don’t get real recognition because of your Porsche or because of you skin. but rather for what you have contributed. For family, friends, your helpfulness or your company.
Be that person who brings others together. Be the one to motivate your friends to find their passion and to do something with it. Be the one to create the best time together in every situation.
This generates new relationship, friendships and valuable time with each other.
You know it. Your surroundings will tell the tale:
-> Tighter hugs, 100 invitations and sincere thank yous

Love and relationships

14 He who seeks, finds

Such nonsense! He with an active, exciting life, finds! Firstly, because hobbies, passion and a strong social circle is extremely alluring. Regardless as to whether you are prom queen, a top model or Quasimodo, this will make you more interesting.
Secondly, because of you hobbies and friend circles you will constantly be meeting new people with similar interests.
Thirdly, you will learn to talk better you will get better at recognising people and you’ll get better at making small talk. You’ll become a professional at motivating people and you’ll be able to organise an exciting  mutual activity or date. Skills which you learnt just by the way.
-> Be active. You wont just have more dates but rather, and most importantly, you will increase the probability of developing amazing relationships

15 A happy relationship

There are countless variations of advice, which we could give you: mutual hobbies and mutual friends or an individual hobby and your own friends? This may even sink the divorce rate. The main reason is simply laziness. If after 10 years, you still have an exciting life and you are exploring the world together then there shouldn’t be any time for arguments-> Don’t ever get lazy! Live your life and motivate your partner to find mutual hobbies together and make sure to regularly find time for them and to meet friends. Working together on your goals is like glue for the heart and constantly brings fresh passion into the relationship.

How to go about it?

1 Get active

Pull on your shoes! Dive into a real life – before it’s too late.
Everyday alone on the sofa is a waste of time. Passive consumption. Time wasted until you realise that you won’t be able to get it back.
Accept invitations. Accept and be sure to show up! Share your time with your dearest, Find new activities, passions and challenges:

Challenge:Write down 12 things which you would like to try (or in the comments). Basketball, Piano lessons, fly fishing? Then try at least one new hobby a month. It doesn’t matter if you have 100 hobbies or none at all. The clock is ticking!

2 Invite friends

Dinner at your place? A small party,  a volleyball match or a coffee with an old friend? And try it with 3-4 people who probably don’t know each other.

Challenge: Organise one meet up a week, with 2 people, who have probably not yet met each other. Try it! It’s bound to be the bets days of your life!

3 Motivate

Convince them! Your old and future friends will be forever grateful!
Yes, you herd it right!
Call them out for cancelling all the time.
We all need some help in get our lives in motion. A bit of help getting beyond our own shadows and living out our own ideals
You’re allowed to be annoying. You’re allowed to be tough: At the end of the day the real friends will be grateful.


Challenge: Überrede deine Freunde, etwas auszuprobieren. Und hilf ihnen dabei, sich daran zu halten. Du wirst sehen, wie es euer Leben bereichert.

Why ianu?

You’ll have the best days of your life. You’ll have more energy, confidence and better relationships. The incredible feeling of getting in motion.

And to be honest you don’t even need an app.

Why we decided to create the app anyway?

we all need a bit of a kick in the backside. And some of us need a bit of help to fly even higher

Can we use technology to create an exciting and fulfilling life? In order to make planning and meeting up more exciting.

When you shine, I shine. We all shine.

 Teach ianu

Teach ianu

In our intelligent App  you will be able to see what could be interesting for you in the next up and coming days. What the weather will be like, which events are hot, what your friends and other groups are up to and where you can join in. For more info see Teach ianu


On ianu you’ll find suggestions at to which groups you can start. This is based on the weather, your interests and those of your friends and other users in your area.
Just get started: Start a group, add or remove friends, motivate the group.


Sometimes we need an additional incentive and sometimes just a kick in the backside. ianu motivates you, your friends and participants to pursue your goals and passions.

More new faces

If you like, your group can also be made visible to others. They will be able to send an individual or a friend request. You decide who joins in.

Marketplace for passion and hobbies

If you are looking for new hobbies, passions and skills, don’t be afraid to get some inspiration from others. If you are good at something: Share your passion and enthusiasm in real life. ianu finds interested participants.

Work in progress: Simple payment

We are working on a tool for simple and secure (shared) payments so that you don’t have to stress about your expenses.

Coming soon: Smart planner

Do you know those events where 1000 say they are attending but only 10 show up? We are working on probability calculations and statistics so that we can help you at figuring it out. Sounds complicated?
Imagine for your birthday party: You want a maximum of 15 people. We will tell you whom from those you have invited will probably show up. But inviting and uninviting it your job 

We are one! Join in the fun!

We take your ideas, wishes and criticism seriously.
Write to us at:

We look forward to hearing from you!