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An honest offer

We want the best time of your lives without stealing your time. We want to motivate you without dictating to you what your goals should be. More sport? More friends? More laughter? Or more relationships? No one should be sitting at home alone when the best day of your life is just waiting to happen. This is ianu. This is what we are working on everyday.

“The problem is not what we do but rather what we don’t do:
Entertainment, Sport, having fun together, Laughing and discovering the world.”


 Stefan Wimmer

What people WANT - and what we DO

You’re standing in front of the mirror… Should you have done some more sport in the last year? Could you have had more fun with friends? Would it have been better to have cooked more for yourself than calling in take out? Could you have created more relationships?
Why are two neighbours sitting alone at home, separated by 40cm of cement? Why should anyone in the world be sitting alone at home when they could be meeting up for sports with friends?

We see ianu as your motivation! To do the things in life which brings YOU joy and happiness. To live out your relationships and friendships which make life worth living.

Laziness, priorities and surplus

Do you also know the feeling: The feeling of… missing out on the good things in life?

We feel alone – although we’re sharing our lives with 1000 followers. Fear of missing out – although you’re standing next to 500 people at a concert. Feeling unimportant – although you are giving it your all. Procrastination – although a thousand exciting experiences are waiting just outside your door.

We all want to feel happy and satisfied. We want stronger relationships to our family, partners and friends. We want to be healthy, have fun, we want to give, we want to grow – and we want recognition.
If we want it so badly why do we still feel like we are trapped in an ordinary everyday? Why do we spend hours on our smartphones but we don’t even manage to call our grandparents? Why check out the newest „life hack“ instead of pulling on our running shoes?

“Life is waiting at your doorstep.

You just have to get out and join in.”


   Sebastian Wimmer

Just imagine we live in a world...

In which we are happier, confident people. In which we would rather help each other out, instead of being envious. In which we motivate each other instead of annoying each other. Rather laughing instead of always being right.
Imagine a world in which you’re caring about 10 close friendships.  Imagine you have 1000 acquaintances just waiting to see you again. Its impossible to go to an event without coincidentally bumping into a good friend and meeting someone new. This is exactly the world in which we are living in. Go out and get it.

Motivation instead of surplus

You think your city is boring? We are guaranteed to find at least 100 exciting things for you to see and do! So that it really becomes difficult to decide.
We call it „the focal point dilemma“. You’d love do do it again (go there again). But because you could alway do it you tend to push it off until next till. Can you really do it later? Yes. Will you really do it? Probably not.

This is why we give you a daily tip: When you find it interesting, simply DO it. Best case, pencil it in for tomorrow. Make it a date. Go on, try it. After one or two fun dates (and maybe one or two fails), you’ll probably have turned your life upside down. You’ll find your „vibrancy“ again, just like little children! When they are discovering the world. That’s why I know you also have it in you. 😉

The app as a power tool

The app uses intelligent algorithms which “generates” the perfect experiences for you. This is based on your goals: What you like doing or would like to do. People you like meeting or would like to meet. Other considerations include the weather, the interests and plans of your friends and variations! We don’t want you falling into habits but rather the possibility of discovering new hobbies, things you could be passionate about and friendships.  We don’t pay attention to the interests of third parties/ advertisers / sponsors. ianu works for you, for a fulfilling life that only You can imagine.
If you have suggestions for improvement, we would love to hear from you.

“We don’t believe that much in luck but rather in people and possibilities.”

  Stefan Wimmer

What we want for you and every user:

  • Motivation, to get you up off your butt
  • Stronger and deeper relationships
  • Confidence and social inclusion
  • More relationships and a huge positive network
  • Easy meet ups
  • Fun, instead of FOMO
  • Exciting leisure time activities, now and not just at retirement
  • More energy and a career-boost, which is fun
  • Exciting and funny stories, which you can share the next day at uni or at work

The beginning of a rocky road

From the worst pitch in the world to CeBit, from an exit to a tv appearance, botched cooperations and back to the garage.

What many don’t know: Everything started 7 years ago. In 2012, the siblings Stefan and Sebastian, together with a school friend Philip decided to „do their own thing“. The first project MYJOY, an intelligent party app was silly enough, without skill. Sebastian und Philipp could code, but Stefan a Law and Commerce student, mildly put, was basically useless.

It all got started with no capital but loads of motivation, promise and stupidity. 6 Months of developing, testing, improvements and secrecy: Tadaaa – The first app was a total flop!

Countless hours of revising, new designers and support later: The app kind of worked and there was a solid „user base“. Their big break would be a cooperation parter in eTicketing, or at least they thought…

One night over a glass (or three or four) of wine, Stefan und Sebastian, while complaining about their cooperation which had not yet come knocking, asked themselves if it was even worth continuing. Didn’t we want to add real value? In a world with Facebook and Tinder, we can certainly do better.

“Fun times with friends is one of the best tings in the world.”

   Sebastian Wimmer

New project: ianu! For months we fiddled, worked and tested. Finally the new app was finished: Bam, once again a flop. We made some improvements but them our co-founder Philipp had to leave us. This just spurred „the Wimmer brothers“ on. Sebastian made a dip into the Deep Learning kitchen while Stefan got some after schooling in marketing. And who is financing it all? Who usually finances a project that everyone wants but nobody believes in? A small IT-und Web-project that Stefan und Sebastian developed on the side. And a small contribution from the family. Many thanks! Thank you mom, Thank you dad! You are the best parents that anyone could wish for.

Despite the hard work, the big success averted the two for a while. Small success showed up in the form of  cooperation partners and invitations from interested networks and investors. But who is willing to sell their soul in a joint venture with a financial investor? Definitely not us because ianu should above all things: work for YOU.

Thank you so much for all your support, which has gotten u this far: Philipp, Melissa, Darina, Manfred, Max, Matthias, Larissa, Clari, Moses, Christina, Anne, Chriss, David, Monika, Leo, Vinzenz, Louis and most of all: Mom and Dad! Thank you!

How the story continues? We are all sitting on the edge of our seats.

Meet us: The founding fathers

Stefan Wimmer

Founder, CEO
The visionaire. Leader with unbelievable design skills, including Business & Law studies (Uni Sbg)

Sebastian Wimmer

Founder, CTO
The technical mastermind with impressive coding skills, including Finance & Business Education (WUW)

“We look forward to meeting you!”
Regardless of whether we can help you or you us. Or whether we can just have a laugh together. Meet us for a coffee or better yet, for a game of table tennis, for a swim, climbing, a soccer match, beach volleyball or an art exhibition… we are definitely up for it!

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This is the only way to improve. We would love to hear from you!

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