For the spontaneous and over ambitious

We know it all: A friend cancelled on you, your friends have „better“ hobbies… or you’re just burning to spontaneously get out of the house! You need to get some exercise!
Because we are more motivated together! Because we laugh and achieve more together, we present you with: ianu StreetFriends

Participants remarks:

“Always free! More often than not great fun 😉

            Melissa, 24

“Everyone is just sweating…”

  Leo, 22

How does it work?

Simply „checkin“ in the app and join in the fun. There are just 3 simple rules, which everyone has to comply with. The rest is fun, future and history. Everyone is welcome, from beginners to athletes.

According to an old Buddhist proverb, we are students and master at the same time. You get to others what you know. Ask for tips! We improve each other and motivate each other to top performance.

Of course you can bring your friends along. But keep in mind: that during this hour each and every participant is your friend coach or trainee.
When it’s done we all go on our own way. With aching muscles and a smile on our faces. 

Order of events

Each group has a basic workout/routine, which is suited for beginners as well as professionals. Every participant is welcomed to take over, change or add exercise to any part of the routine. It is not only allowed but desirable. Be creative!

The 3 StreetFriends rules

1 Say Hello
Friendly Handshake: Regardless of the size of the group, we introduce ourselves to each and every person on a first name basis.

2 Smile please
Show your best side: Together we are more motivated and learn faster. Our main goal is to have a good time and to have fun. Be friendly, funny and helpful. Don’t take things too seriously. Be silly!

3 Support
We don’t really need a trainer: Help others reach your level. Ask for tipps and exercises which you haven’t yet learned or would like to improve on.

The rules are simple. If you however, experience any discrimination, sexism or any other bad behaviour, we urge you as an individual and as part of  the group to address and report it. We are one!

You’d like an additional streetFriends group?

A different time? An additional location or sport?

Simply write to us at

Join in now! Get the free app meet up with us!